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Chapter Officers

Natalie Curry


Meet the President of Eta Alpha chapter, Natalie Curry! She's a Junior English major from Greensboro, North Carolina. A fun fact about Madam President is that she has traveled to more than 20 countries! Why Natalie loves Kappa- "I love Kappa because through it I have found a genuine sisterhood that supports and cares for me. I never could have imagined what amazing, talented, stunning sisters I would find when going through recruitment. They inspire me to achieve my best every day and I aspire to be more like them."

Christy Van Nostrand


Meet our VP-Standards, Christy Van Nostrand! Christy is a Junior from Winston-Salem, North Carolina majoring in Political Science. Something interesting about her is that she, in her own words, has the knitting skills of a 50 year old cat lady! Why Christy loves Kappa- "For me, Kappa has been a safe, supportive sisterhood that has helped me get through all the craziness of college. My sisters are truly my family away from home, and I am constantly amazed by how unique and stunning each and every one of them is."

Emma Shover

VP- Organization

Meet our VP-Organization, Emma Shover! She is a Junior Math/Health Science double major from Enumclaw, Washington. A fun fact about Emma is that she LOVES thunder storms. Why Emma went Kappa- "I went Kappa because my two biggest values are education and family. These girls are my Furman family and we support each other in everything."

Virginia Hayley

VP- Academic Excellence

Meet our VP-Academic Excellence, Virginia Hayley! Virginia is a Junior from Birmingham, Alabama, and is majoring in Biology. Something awesome about her is that she has won a national gold medal in photography and had her work displayed in the Parsons School of Design in NYC! Why Virginia loves Kappa- "Kappa is truly a home away from home and I have grown so much as a person since I joined; it is a place where I can be myself."

Emily Moffett

Recording Secretary

Meet our Recording Secretary, Emily Moffett! Emily is a Sophomore Sustainability Science major from Greenville, South Carolina. Something uber-cool about her is that she use to live in Australia! Why Emily loves Kappa- “Growing up as an only child, I always wanted a sister. Kappa has shown me the strong supportive and loving sisterhood I could only dream about. I share this bond with a group of wonderful women, and for that I am so lucky!”

Fabiola Gonzalez

Corresponding Secretary

Meet our Corresponding Secretary, Fabiola Gonzalez! Fab is a Sophomore from Greer, South Carolina. She is a Sociology major on the pre-dental track. Her fun fact is that she was once stung by a bee- on her tongue! Why Fab went Kappa- “Going through recruitment, I went through a lot of emotions but Kappa really stood out. I saw a sisterhood that made everyone feel included. Kappa Kappa Gamma values everyone as an individual and is a sisterhood that makes me aspire to be the best version of myself.”

Kathryn McGowin


Meet our Treasurer, Kat Mcgowan! Kat is a Sophomore Computer Science major from Chapman, Alabama. Fun fact- she says that she can make the world’s best grilled cheese! Why Kat loves Kappa- "The girls here always make me feel at home, since day 1.”

Elizabeth Leeder


Meet our Registrar Chair, Elizabeth Leeder! Elizabeth is a Sophomore from Natick, Massachusetts. In addition to being a History major, she is working towards a teaching certification as well. An extra-magical fun fact is that she has been to Disney World almost every single year of her life! Why Elizabeth loves Kappa- "Kappa is where I feel free to be myself and where I have found my best friends."

Lauren Coury


Meet our Marshal, Lauren Coury! Lauren is a Junior from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, who is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Environmental Studies. A fun fact about her is that her dream house would be decked in Anthropologie head to toe. Why Lauren went Kappa- "I went KKG because of the genuine love the sisters exude; they truly care about each other and have been my constant support while I was abroad this past fall semester!"

Sean Thompson


Meet our Education Chair, Sean Thompson! Sean is a Sophomore Public Health/Spanish double major from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Something you may not know about her is that she is an identical twin! Why Sean loves Kappa- “It has given me some of my best friends, an amazing fam, and a sisterhood that I know will always support and accept me (super cheesy but true)!”

Abby Ledogar


Meet our Event Chair, Abby Ledogar! Abby is a Junior from Fort Mill, South Carolina. She is a Political Science major also working towards a B.A. in Music. Fun fact about Abby- she once hugged a shark! Why Abby loves Kappa- “I absolutely love Kappa because it gives girls an outlet to work on their strengths and weaknesses as well as empower the female mind and bring together some girls that may not have otherwise ever met!”

Yasmin Harrington


Meet our House Chair, Yasmin Harrington! Yasmin is a Sophomore from Cumming, Georgia. She is a Biology/German Studies double major. Something pretty cool about her is that she was born in England and lived there until she was 8! Why Yasmin loves Kappa- "I have found a group of genuine sweet girls that I know will support me through anything.”

Audrey Burton


Meet our Membership Chair, Audrey Burton! Audrey is a Junior Elementary Education major from Spartanburg, South Carolina. A fun fact about her is that her feet are only a size 3! Why Audrey loves Kappa- "I love Kappa because it has given me a group of amazing and supportive sisters who will always be there for me. Kappa has given me a home and a family that I never expected to find."

Sabrina Ribeman

New Member

Meet our New Member Chair, Sabrina Ribeman! Sabrina is a Junior Psychology major. She grew up in Santa Rosa, California, and currently lives in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Fun fact- she has taught archery at a summer camp for three years, so she’s basically Katniss, right? Why Sabrina went Kappa- “I went Kappa because my mom was in a sorority in college and said that being sorority sisters with someone is a really unique and special friendship. I grew up with a brother, so I always really wanted a sister- and now I have over 90 of them!!”

Kimberly Debacher

Panhellenic Delegate

Meet our Panhellenic Delegate, Kimberly Debacher! Kim is a Sophomore Political Science/French double major from Bethel, Connecticut. She once met Johnny Depp in the hotel she was at in Hawaii- can you say awesome?! Why Kim loves Kappa- “It gave me the opportunity to become close friends with people I wouldn't have otherwise known.”

Marty Leffingwell


Meet our Philanthropy Chair, Marty Leffingwell! Marty is a Sophomore Sociology major from Rockville, Maryland. Something to know about her is that she loves all things musical theatre and knows all the words to Hamilton! Why Marty loves Kappa- “I love Kappa because it's a group of welcoming and amazing ladies who are always there for support and a good laugh.”

Krista Eubanks

Public Relations

Meet our Public Relations Chair, Krista Eubanks! Krista is a Sophomore from Saint Petersburg, Florida, majoring in Neuroscience. She says her fun fact is that she has a pet Chihuahua! Why Krista loves Kappa-, “I love Kappa because the girls are inspiring and push me to be my best self. My sisters have taught me what friendship truly is, and have blessed me with a community of support.”

Caroline Stanton

Risk Management

Meet our Risk Management Chair, Caroline Stanton! Caroline is a Sophomore Health Science major from Cumming, Georgia. Something about her is that she loves all things the color pink and Target! Why Caroline loves Kappa- “I love Kappa because it has given me amazing sisters, a support system, and new opportunities.”

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